High-Resolution Wood Textures Pack


  • High-Resolution Wood Textures Pack
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High-Resolution Wood Textures Pack

preview 1 - wood texturespreview 2 - wood texturespreview 3 - wood texturespreview 4 - wood texturespreview 5 - wood textures


High-Resolution Wood Textures Pack

Searching for the perfect texture can be a daunting task. Wood elements can have such great variation that it can be difficult to find just the right one. So today we are releasing 40 perfect hi-res wood textures that we’re sure you’ll find many uses for.

You’ll find 2950 x 2052px photos in various colors – from natural tones to sepia to vintage and with desaturated effects. These are great to showcase logos, as mockup or desktop backgrounds or, we’re sure, hundreds of other ways that you can come up with.

And as always, these come with a full commercial and personal licence!

preview 1 - wood textures

preview 2 - wood textures

preview 3 - wood textures

preview 4 - wood textures

preview 5 - wood textures

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