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3. Photoshop files will work in Photoshop CS2, CS3, CS4, CS5, CS5.5, CS6 and CC.

4. You will receive regular, high quality mega updates every single month.

5. You get Extended license for all content, which allows both personal and commercial use.

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2986 Photoshop Brushes

2986 Brushes

Brushes in Photoshop are very important to all designers. Why get stuck with the default Photoshop brushes when you can have infinitely more brushes from our mega high resolution Photoshop brushes set? There are 2986 high resolution brushes in this set, including: ornamental brushes, textured brushes, abstract brushes, floral brushes, swirls brushes, astrology brushes, flames brushes, geometry brushes, tribal brushes, banners, badges, and a lot more.

2986 Photoshop Brushes

27,000 Photoshop Gradients

27,000 Gradients

Photoshop gradients create a gradual blend between multiple colors. This massive package of 27,000 Photoshop gradients makes it easy to add a professional touch of color to your designs.

Blend colors on your backgrounds, prints, banners, websites, buttons, brochures, business cards, logos and any other artwork with just a few clicks. Get instant access to 27,000 colors combination for amazing visual effects.

27,000 Photoshop Gradients

18,000 Photoshop Layer Styles

18,000 Layer Styles

Layer styles are special effects that can be applied to an entire layer or group with just 1 click to create amazing designs. Don’t settle for the few and boring preset layer styles in Photoshop when you can use professionally designed layer styles. Make your designs look professional by using layer styles. Create buttons, navigation bars and more in seconds with this huge package of premium Photoshop layer styles.

18,000 Photoshop Layer Styles

340 Seamless Vectors340 Seamless Vectors

Using seamless vector patterns is terrific for adding textures to your design work. That makes them ideal for high impact web designs, website backgrounds, high resolution print work and large backgrounds. Become a member of the Ultimate Designer Toolkit and get instant access to this mega package of 340 ultimate seamless vectors.

340 Seamless Vectors

100 customizable business card templates100 Professional Business Card Templates

There are millions of people who want business cards, so it’s your job to provide them with a professional design. That is why we’ve created these 100 amazing business card templates. Present any one of them to your clients, let them choose the one they want, and simply add their information and logo to the design.

100 Professional Business Card Templates

100 Customizable Logos

100 Customizable Logos

Creating logos for clients is a very big part of graphic design. As a member you can download 100 high quality, customizable logos, including Social, Marketing, Childcare, Dental, Travel Agency, Photographer, Real Estate Firm, Cafe, Cleaning Services, Pharmacy/Medical, Gym, Car Leasing / Auto Repair, Printing Services, Spa, Investment Company and Academic.

100 Professional Business Card Templates

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1545 Vector Illustrations

1545 Vector Illustrations

Creating vector art is difficult and time consuming. How would you like 1500+ original, high quality vector illustrations that you can use in your projects? Download an amazing set with over 1500+ vector illustrations ready to be used in your designs.

1545 Vector Illustrations

815 Seamless Photoshop Patterns815 Seamless Patterns

Using Seamless Photoshop patterns is a very powerful way to create web design related backgrounds with ease. All 815 of our Photoshop patterns are seamless, so you can use them to produce attractive website backgrounds with very little effort.

815 Seamless Photoshop Patterns

782 Vector Elements782 Vector Elements

Download a beautiful set with vector elements to make your design process much easier. Included in this set are: Floral Vectors, Vector Swirls, Circular Flower Vectors, Ornamental Vectors, Vector Patterns, DSLR Photo Camera Vectors, Vector Hand Gestures and Vector Sales Tags.

782 Vector Elements

500 Cartoon-Like Vectors

500 Amazing Hand-Drawn Vector Images

Tired of generic looking vectors? Want to add a special touch to your designs? Become a member and get instant access to download our package of 500 amazing hand-drawn vector images. These cartoon-like vectors were created by our professional cartoon artists. They cover a very wide range of niches such as food, animals, tools, United States, plants, flowers, gardening, weapons, ships, toilet accessories, children’s toys, sports and much more.

500 hand-drawn vector images

3D Software Box Creator

3D Software Box Creator

Do you wish you knew how to create 3D covers, or that you could do it faster and more professionally?

We have created a very unique way to create 3D boxes in Photoshop without knowing any 3D at all.

Our 3D box creator is a must have tool for any professional graphic designer.

Become a member and instantly create 3D covers, even if you don’t know any 3D.

3D Software Box Creator

Ultimate CSS FrameworkUltimate CSS Framework

The #1 problem for graphic design artists is that they can not create fully coded websites.

We’ve solved this problem by creating our Ultimate CSS Framework. Stop wasting hours or paying programmers to convert your PSD to HTML. Use our CSS Framework to convert your PSD Layouts into live websites in just minutes.

Using our CSS Framework, basic HTML knowledge is completely enough to convert full websites from PSD to HTML.

Ultimate CSS Framework

1105 Adobe Add-ons1105 Adobe Illustrator Swatches & Color Tables

Do you want to change colors in Adobe illustrator or in Adobe Photoshop with just a few clicks? Stop using the few default Photoshop tools.

In this package you will find 980 Adobe illustrator Swatches, which you can use these to create vector icons, or to change the colors of the existing icons and web buttons, as well as 125 color tables which help you find perfect color combinations for your websites.

1105 Adobe Add-ons

1290 High Resolution Textures1290 High Resolution Textures

Why do you pay for a single texture, when you can have thousands?

When you’re a member of Ultimate Designer Toolkit, you have instant access to download nearly 1300 high resolution textures. All textures are 4288×2848 pixels and cover many categories such as cement, wood, wall, rust, bricks, old style, ruins, clouds, ground, walls, tree barks, sandstone, fabric and roof.

1290 High Resolution Textures

2750+ Beautiful Stock Photos2750+ Beautiful Stock Photos

Buying stock photos is an incredible way to save money. When it comes to stock photos you have 3 options: 1) hire a photographer, which can cost hundreds or thousands of dollars; 2) buy stock photos for $10+ per photo on stock photo websites; or 3) get more than 2750 exclusively ours stock photos after becoming a member of Ultimate Designer Toolkit ($27,500 value) that are available to you for instant download. Instantly spice up your designs with these beautiful, professional photos! What’s more is that we give you Extended license to use these photos in almost any way imaginable!

1750+ Beautiful Stock Photos

512 Vector Icons512 Vector Icons

Our popular set of 512 vector icons will help you to create websites, applications, and iphone/ipad apps.

Become a member and download this package instantly.

In this set you will find multimedia vector icons, Iphone icons, Android icons , computer vector icons, vector network icons, shopping cart vector icons, browser icons, dark icons, food icons, member icons, toolbar vector icons and more.

512 Vector Icons

PSD to HTML Tutorial – 960 GridPSD to HTML Tutorial – 960 Grid

Our PSD to HTML tutorial shows you how to create a website using the 960 grid system.

This tutorial will teach you how to convert a PSD layout into a CSS / HTML valid website in less than 60 minutes.

Become a member and turn your layouts into real websites quickly and painlessly.

PSD to HTML Tutorial - 960 Grid

3D Creator

Ultimate 3D Creator

As you know, creating 3D designs is time consuming and certainly not easy.

Do you wish you could create 3D graphics faster?

That is why we have created the Ultimate 3D Creator. Our 3D creator will allow you to create 3D logos, 3D graphics and 3D text or change any shape you want.

The possibilities are unlimited.

Ultimate 3D Creator

82 Photoshop Actions82 Image Editing Photoshop Actions

Do you wish you could edit images faster? Photoshop actions can be real time savers when you find yourself performing the same steps over and over.

Turn your images into masterpieces in seconds, over and over again. If you do photo editing, you will love our set of Photoshop actions.

82 Photoshop Actions

2017 Amazing Web Graphics2017 Amazing Web Graphics

As a graphic designer you could always use more amazing graphics.This set includes 25 vector backgrounds, 63 PSD navigation menus, 30 banners in different sizes 93 PSD Web buttons, 12 Web Shadows and 1794 Website Backgrounds. Create websites faster with our amazing set of design goodies.

2017 Amazing Web Graphics

902 Pixel Icons902 Pixel Icons

Pixel icons are a must-have tool in your arsenal of design weapons.

This set includes 902 beautifully hand crafted pieces of work to help you in all of your design projects.

Become a member and get instant access to this set and 60,000+ more premium design items.

902 Pixel Icons

25+ Tutorials With PSDs25+ Professional Tutorials With PSDs

If all of the other resources weren’t enough, you also get more than 25 professional tutorials with PSDs. These aren’t your “regular” tutorials. These are professionaly written, thorough and easy to follow tutorials written specifically for web designers. They will teach you photo manipulation with Photoshop, how to create websites and how to create advanced illustrations with Adobe Illustrator.

500 holiday vectors500 Holiday Vectors

This amazing set includes Christmas Vectors, New Year Vectors, Halloween Vectors, Hanukkah Vectors, Easter Vectors, Valentine’s Day Vectors, Thanksgiving Day Vectors, Independence Day Vectors, President’s Day Vectors, Martin Luther King Day Vectors, Columbus Day Vectors, Mother’s Day Vectors and Father’s Day Vectors.

500 Holiday Vectors

385 Ultimate Icons385 Icon Vectors

You can never get too many icons! Icons are very useful to designers as they can be used in iPhone/Android/Windows apps, user interfaces and any custom applications. In this package you will find 385 icons in various niches. As a member you can download all of these icons in .AI, PSD and PNG formats.

385 Ultimate Vector Icons

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What other designers say about Ultimate Designer Toolkit:

As a web designer, I know very well what it takes to make a web page from scratch without having the right tools at hand. So, when I saw this wide choice of design resources, I couldn’t resist trying them. Now I can say I made a good decision. This is what I was looking for.

Cathy Legrand

I was just wondering where to find a few new Photoshop brushes for a new project and I found this site. Surprisingly, I could find here not only a few, but more than 2900 brushes, more than I ever needed. There are also many thousands of gradients and layer styles that anyone would need.

Norman Lewis

I’m a cartoon fan and am drawing myself on certain occasions. I know very well how difficult it is to make them seem alive. That’s why I really appreciate what I found here. The collection of cartoon-like vector drawings is professionally made and covers plenty of niches. Any web designer would be happy to use them.

Sharun Ahmadi

Well, I am impressed by what I found in these collections. In a way, I felt like Alice in Wonderland when I looked at them in detail. I must admit that I still don’t know when I will use them all, but it’s comfortable to know they are at hand when I need them.

Aileen McCorsky

I really think that buying all these collections for a price of under one thousandth of a cent per item is a real deal. These huge collections of brushes, vector images, layouts, gradients, and as lot of other items that stimulate creativity are important to anyone who wants to work as professionals do.

Michelle Lauer

Photoshop is great, it’s no use to mention it again, but these collections of excellent design resources are really helping me a lot in my work. Practically, I have now a totally new Photoshop to work with. And that’s really like a present I got to make my web designer job easier.

Costas Mankipoulos

3D design is one of my hobbies since I was in high school. What I found here as 3D resources is exciting. I strongly recommend the 3D Creator and 3D Software Box Creator. They are very well made and are a real support in creating beautiful 3D images for your site.

Lilja Holmes

I’m a web designer but I also deal with printing stuff like brochures, fliers, business cards, and all those things you can’t refuse to your friends. What I was somehow surprised to find on this site are some useful resources like stock photos and business card templates. I am using them now and I am very satisfied to see my work is appreciated.

Maria Palmas

I am one of the web designers who use the Ultimate Designer Toolkit and I can tell it’s pretty rare to find so many resources concentrated in a single kit. Moreover, they have a professional touch that makes them easy to use and appealing at the same time.

Mike Browning

You are great, guys! I used to spend hours to convert psd to html, and believe me, that job is boring. I tried the Ultimate CSS Framework and such a conversion is no more a problem for me. The good part is that I also got access to many other design resources that really help me be a better designer.

Lyudmila Shipova

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