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Are you a web designer, developer or simply someone who is building a website for yourself? Do you constantly find yourself wishing you had quality design resources at your disposal, so you can quickly and easily implement them into your websites and design? If so, this deal for you! Get full commercial and personal use of more than 67,000 premium design resources for an unbelievable 98% off - just $49 instead of the regular $2,450 price! Take a look at what's included in this deal:

Instagram-Like Photoshop Filters

Instagram-Like Filter Actions for Photoshop

Here we've compiled a number of great Photoshop filters you can apply via Smart Object for Instagram Effects so you can harness the full power of image editing for your social media posts.  Recreate your favorite Instagram effects easily and quickly for whatever project you happen to be working on. Image filters are a simple means to effortlessly add real character and charm to a otherwise ordinary image or photograph.  Once the filter is applied the image can be re uploaded to Instagram or any other social media network such as Pinterest.  They can be an extremely useful time-savers when you find yourself performing the same repetitive steps over and over on a single image or photo. These high quality Instagram Photoshop Actions for Instagram feature a wide variety of unique styles including retro and vintage filters to use with your images. Be sure to also check out these posts:

Seamless Summer Icon PS Patterns in .PAT

30 Seamless Summer Icon Patterns

Just in time for summer, today we have a set that contains 30 seamless summer icon patterns in .PAT & .JPG. Seamless patterns are one of the most widely used and popular elements in web design as they are perfect for adding plenty of detail while also filling up large background areas. These seamless icon patterns are also great time-savers as you don’t have to individually create and add your elements separately, freeing up your time so you can focus on creating your personalized design. You'll find these with a huge array of colors, all of them with blurred overlay effects that will add a little summer flare to whatever you're working on! They can also be resized to fit your needs. We hope you find them very useful!

Yellow Mobile Wireframe Kit – PSD

Yellow Mobile Wireframe Kit - PSD

This is a handy mobile UI kit, perfect for an app design project with a simple, yet vibrant design. Very simple to use and will prove useful when you have to quickly put together a mobile layout, for either your client, development team, or even for just capturing a layout idea. This set contains: - Five (5) mobile wireframe screens: login, register, profile, side menu and chat. - The PSD file is grouped with named layers for easy customization. - All colors can be easily modified. Enjoy!

HD Pavement / Stone Photo Texture Pack

HD Pavement / Stone Photo Texture Pack

A comprehensive texture collection is essential to any designer as they are an invaluable tool when you need to find just the right pattern or look. This stock photo set contains 50 high-quality, high-resolution (4,288 x 2,848 px JPEGs) texture photos of pavement, cement and stone textures. Use these in your renderings, web design, graphic design projects and more, as materials or backgrounds. Enjoy! Also be sure to also check out these posts: High-Resolution Wood Textures Pack 50 Natural Textures

HD Flower Stock Photo Set

65 Flowers Photos

Just in time for spring! This pack contains 65 high-quality, high-resolution stock photos of various types of flowers in various colors. The photos are in either landscape or portrait and have vibrant colors and fantastic "depth of field" effects. Perfect for blog posts, ebooks, websites, print & promo materials, and many others! Also check out: 41 Flowers / Leaf / Bush Stock Photos & Textures 30 Photoshop Wedding Photo Actions for Amazing Wedding Photos

Customizable PSD Menu/Services Flyer Templates

PSD Menu/Services Flyer Templates

Why design from scratch what you can easily create in minutes using these custom templates? These PSD menu & services flyers are PERFECT for spa or medical services, restaurant menus, catering/pizza delivery, juice bar....the list goes on and on! All of these are print-ready, some single-page while others are bi- and tri-fold. Use these for flyers, brochures, menus, etc. The PSDs are all highly customizable with named layers and groups. Enjoy! Also check out: CMYK Flyers Pack Digital Cards Bundle 50 Halftone Backgrounds

Realistic & Useful Book Mock Ups in PSD

Realistic & Useful Book Mock Ups in PSD

We've got a great collection of 10 book mock ups of various sizes that should really come in handy. These are a brilliant way to show off your work in a realistic format. Easily design your book cover with customizable, easily modified colors and covers. These are made with Smart Objects so placing your cover takes just a few clicks. Use these to enhance your presentation to clients, your portfolio, or place on landing pages and websites. Also check out: eBook Covers 25 Facebook Covers – Fully Layered in PSD Book Mockups

High-Resolution Wood Textures Pack

High-Resolution Wood Textures Pack

Searching for the perfect texture can be a daunting task. Wood elements can have such great variation that it can be difficult to find just the right one. So today we are releasing 40 perfect hi-res wood textures that we're sure you'll find many uses for.
You'll find 2950 x 2052px photos in various colors - from natural tones to sepia to vintage and with desaturated effects. These are great to showcase logos, as mockup or desktop backgrounds or, we're sure, hundreds of other ways that you can come up with. And as always, these come with a full commercial and personal licence!

Black & White Hipster Badges & Logos in PSD and PNG

Black & White Hipster Badges & Logos in PSD and PNG

Follow the trends or set your own! In this set, you'll find black and white hipster badges & logos with a variety of shapes - circle, cross, rectangle and others. They have awesome hipster elements and fonts and can be easily personalized with your own brand name or text. These are fully layered in PSD and PNG. We think you'll find these very creative, allowing you to come through for your hipster-related projects or take things in a new direction for whatever you're working on!

Paper Bag & Box Mockups Set in PSD

Realistic Paper Bag & Box Mockups in PSD

Here's a great set of 10 paper bags and boxes of various sizes on which you can easily place your logo. These come in great modern colors, but they can be easily modified if needed. All of them have Smart Objects, so placing your logo is as easy as a few clicks! Using templates such as these gives you insight into how your design will actually look when it’s printed or manufactured. We're sure you'll find these extremely useful for your product mockups, packaging designs or anything you can come up with. Enjoy!

Realistic Juice Bottles & Glasses Mockups – in PSD, PNG & JPG

Realistic Juice Bottles & Glasses Mockups in PSD & PNG

Here is a great set that contains: 10 juice bottles with white backgrounds, allowing you to easily place your logo. Each bottle has various juices in them, with varying colors; 11 plastic glasses of various colors, each with juice in them; available as PNGs (with or without background) and PSDs; and 6 realistic mockups with both bottles and glasses All of these can be easily personalized with your texts and logo with different colors to choose from. Great for designers or juice companies

50 Awesome Bokeh Backgrounds in HD

50 Awesome Bokeh Backrounds

Bokeh is the quality of out-of-focus or “blurry” parts of the image rendered by a camera lens. This effect can also be achieved digitally, as this set is. All of these are HD 16:9 backgrounds that come in a number of colors: from darker to lighter shades, both with substantial/large and more subtle bokeh effects. We're sure you'll have no trouble figuring out how to use these, whether as website backgrounds, in banners, sliders, mobile apps, or just about anything you can think of! Check out some our other backgrounds: 70 HD Frosted Backgrounds, Low Poly Backgrounds, and Distressed Grunge Textures & Backgrounds are just a few!

55 Autumn Trees and Leaves Photo Set in HD

55 Autumn Trees and Leaves Photo Set in HD

We've got a fantastic set of 55 Autumn Trees and Leaves Photos in HD for you today. This beautiful Autumn Trees and Leaves Photo Set contains 55 high-quality, high-resolution autumn photos of trees, leaves, plants, autumn textures and more. This includes both vibrant-colored and black-and-white photos in this pack. Use these for any variety of projects: blog articles, books, presentations, desktop backgrounds, backgrounds for your designs, etc. And don't forget to check out our thousands of other great stock photo sets!

70 HD Frosted Backgrounds

70 HD Frosted Backgrounds

Just in time for the holidays, here are some very high-resolution 3200 x 2400px, 4:3 ratio Frosted Backgrounds. These feature: - Various colors - Some with subtle frosting, while others also have bokeh effects. - Both dark and light - Use for various purposes: websites, iOS/Android apps, graphic designs, ads and many more.

Flat Stationery Mockup Template

Flat Stationery Mockup Template

This mockup is great way to showcase your stationery design. All elements are separated with layers and groups for easily replacing your design and customizing colors. It comes in three color variations: red, green and blue, but it can easily be customized with any other color you need.

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