How to Draw an Advanced Deer in Adobe Illustrator – Tutorial

In this tutorial, I will show you how you can draw a a nice looking deer with adobe illustrator.

Bellow you can see my final drawing representing a surreal deer with a nice girl.

The first step is to draw your sketch. Usually I make my sketches on paper, but this time I have used a wacom tablet to draw the following illustration.

I have created a new document, and at the top I have made the drawing.

After you have the sketch ready you will need to create different paths with pen tool. Please note that you can make this surreal illustration also with Adobe Photoshop. When you create the other shapes, you will need to place all the shapes under the layer with the sketch. In this way it will be very easy to create the entire illustration.

The first step is to create the antler of the deer.

Please note that you don’t need to place the paths exactly on the sketch.

As you can see I have completed the antlers:

Next step is to create the left ear. This is very easy and as you can see I have used two shapes with different colors.

Step by step I will draw the base of the head.

Then please add some shapes made with Pen tool to create the eyes.

Add more shapes following the eyes lines, and if you choose different colors, it will look like some shadows.

I will complete the head of the deer. First, I will add the background of the head.

And now I will add some other shapes for mouth and neck.

Now I will make the skin on the deer using some sort of feather shapes. I will use different colors to create a nice looking effect.

Next I will draw the base color for the girl’s face.

I will work a little on the eyes

Now I will create the nose and lips. As you can see I did not follow the exact sketch because I think pen tool can create better what I am looking for.

Now I will create the hair from a single shape.

Above the head I will create another shape. This is some sort of crown.

On the top of the crown I will add another shapes, which looks like feathers.

I will now work on the right arm.

I will finish the right arm, and as you can see I have used a different color. Later if you want you can change the colors very easily.

I will draw some shapes to create the left arm.

Now I will create the body of the deer using of course the Pen Tool.

With Pen Tool I will create the right leg of the deer.

Then I will add another shape with a darker color, and at the bottom I will draw a coffin.

With the same tool I will also create the left leg.

Here it is good to add some areas with a darker color.

I will create the front leg.

And you can see I have created a shadow for this leg.

Now I will work for the last leg.

I will create the dress. First I will add the background color.

And then I will create different shapes over the background color.

Here you can see that I do not follow my sketch 100%.

At the end the dress will look like in the following image.

I will create different triangles, and I will click on Unite to create a single shape. In this way it is easier to add a color, or to cut some parts of the shape.

Add more details on the bottom of the dress.

I will create the girl’s boot.

Of course I will add some shadows and lights.

I will create the bow. After I will hide my sketch you will see my result better.

I will create a rochet.

Under the deer I will add some dark shapes. These will make this vector illustration more realisitic.

Also on the chest I will add some shadows.

I will create some vector rocks.

And near these rocks I will add some green grass.

Then I will also create the flower.

So far my illustration looks like in the following image. I feel we can add some gradients, or you can use the following pack with swatches: Download swatches.

Then I will add some other small details.

So far the vector illustration looks like in the following image.

After I will add some gradients, and some swatches you will see a huge difference.