How to Create an Incandescent Light Bulb Powered by Unusual Light Source – Tutorial

In this tutorial, I will show you how to design a cool incandescent light bulb powered by an unusual light source. This tutorial use simple photo manipulation techniques. You can see bellow the end result. If you’re a member, you can download the PSD Layout for this tutorial at the bottom of the page.

The first step in this tutorial is to use some stock images. I have used the following image with a man

the image is from

I have used Pen Tool to create a path around the man.

After i close the selection i will right click on the canvas and from the menu i will choose “make selection”
Press on CTRL+I ( or CMD+I for mac users ) to inverse the selection. Press on Delete key on your keyboard, and you will have the following result.

I will use Spot healing brush tool, to delete some some dark spots from the left arm and from the cap.

It seems to me like some blowflyes. As you can see the arm is now clean.

I will need a images with some flames (source:

I will choose some parts of the flame image and i will place them over the book.

This is my result so far.

From the original stock images i will copy some parts of the flame and i will build another big flame

I will place the flame on the open book.

For the layer with flames i will add some layer styles. I have used the Outer Glow layer style.

This is my result so far

With brush tool i will draw over the back of the man.Please note that you need to create a new layer on top of all layers. You can use different colors, and at the end try to change the blending mode of the layer to Multiply.

I will open a new image with a light bulb.

I will delete the top of the light bulb

Then you can delete the blue background.

You will have the following result after you apply also the Hue / Saturation adjustments.

This is my result

I will select Pen tool , and i will create the top of the bulb.

Right click on the layer inside your layer palette, and then choose Rasterize Shape. Select Burn tool, and draw near the edges of the light bulb.

I will add a blue background.

On the layer with the bulb i will add the following layer styles.

This is my result

I will duplicate the top part of the bulb, and i will add another layer style

I will delete the top part of the bulb with Eraser Tool. I will delete the top part because later in this tutorial i will place the man with the flames inside the bulb, and we need there a more intense light.

I will add the following layer styles to make the light bulb more incandescent.

This is my result

I will use another stock image with a nice sunset ( source )

and i will place the image inside of the light bulb.

With Burn tool i will draw around the bulb on the sunset stock image.

I will go back to the previous psd file with the man, and i will select all the layer, and i will drag them on the second PSD file inside the bulb.

It will be very easy for you to merge all the layers prom the PSD file with the man, and then you need to add a simple drop shadow.

my result is

To create a more realistic look i will open a new image

I will use the same techniques as before.Simply cut a part of the image with clouds and insert it inside the light bulb.

Change the blending mode for this layer to “Hard Mix”

This is my result. please note also the white areas near the edge of the light bulb.

Create more areas with Pen tool, and then lower the opacity to 30%

On the top of the bulb i will create a dark shape with pen tool

On the from of the bulb i will create another 3 shapes like in the following image. please note that i have deleted some parts of the shapes.

I will lower the opacity of the white shape layers and my result is this one.

My last step is to add a gradient layer style over a new layer. Please note that you need to add the colors almost transparent.

This is my final result

Final Result