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3D Creator – Ultimate 3D Generator

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Turn your 2D shapes into 3D artwork with a few clicks. Get a professional 3D render almost like a 3D program in just two clicks.

This amazing action set allows you to create superb 3D renders in two clicks from vector shapes, text and raster pixels.

All you need to do is install the action set into Photoshop, select the perspective action you would like to create your 3D render in and click play! Your render will be created in seconds with preserved colors of your original layer and an amazing 3D look.

This action set lets you create 3D renders at 12 different perspectives and in 8 angles giving you a total of 495 render options.

3D Creator Examples

See how easy it is to use it:

First you need to install the action inside Photoshop.

You will see all the options

On top you can see 12 different perspectives, and on the bottom you will see the angles.

Create a new document, and add for this example a custom shape on your document.

The next step is to select an angle for this shape and to press one more time the Play button.

You will also need our 18,000 Photoshop Layer Styles pack.

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