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Are you a web designer, developer or simply someone who is building a website for yourself? Do you constantly find yourself wishing you had quality design resources at your disposal, so you can quickly and easily implement them into your websites and design? If so, this deal for you! Get full commercial and personal use of more than 67,000 premium design resources for an unbelievable 98% off - just $49 instead of the regular $2,450 price! Take a look at what's included in this deal:

PSD Email Signatures Set

PSD Email Signatures Set

You can easily code these fully layered PSD email signatures and add them to your emails. Personalize your signature by adding contact info and social media buttons, or even photos! You can also use these to design vCards or social profiles. These come in various styles, from more serious to colorful, vibrant and playful designs. Enjoy!

Low Poly Backgrounds

Low Poly Backgrounds

50 Low Poly Backgrounds Set: here we have 50 high-quality, high-resolution low poly backgrounds. Backgrounds are colorful, vibrant with either darker or lighter tones and can be used for various types of projects, from illustrations and textures to web design and even prints! Backgrounds dimensions: 5120x3200.

Paint Brush Stroke Set

Paint Brush Stroke Set

In this set, you will find 50 unique, high-quality brush strokes with detailed edges and wispy lines, perfect for roughing up your artwork or distressing your edges. Creates a great texture effect for your creations. In PNG & PSD.

50 HD Striped Backgrounds

50 HD Striped Backgrounds

These high quality, HD backgrounds can be used for corporate designs, in sliders, websites, banners, illustrations, etc. They have various colors...from pastels to vibrant and darker tones. The stripes are either straight, horizontal, vertical or angled. They are mostly soft blurred but some also have soft grungy details added. We hope you find them useful!

Herbs Photo Pack

This stock photos set contains 50 high-quality, high-resolution stock photos with herbs. You will get photos with fresh basil, mint, rosemary, chives, dill and alfalfa sprouts, as well as some photos with chili peppers and dry mint leaves. Most of these photos are taken in natural light with no background removed, however, you will also get four stock photos with herbs and white background, arranged in the photos to form a layout. You can add your text on them and use them as book covers, on websites, presentations and more!

Abstract PSD Labels

50 Abstract Geometric-Shaped Labels This Abstract Geometric-Shaped Labels bundle contains 50 high-quality abstract geometric labels which come in fully editable PSD files. You can easily modify them, change the colors, shapes, sizes, fonts and texts. You can even play with the effects! These labels offer different colors and shapes (triangles, circles, squares, polygons, etc.). They can be used in banners, on websites, as logos, and more! Add your own text and use them as you please.

Coming Soon Templates

Here are 10 high-quality, fully customizable modern "Coming Soon" pages in PSD. You can easily transform these into HTML and place them on your website. These "Coming Soon" pages will not only tell your visitors that your site is in maintenance mode or will be live soon, but can also help you gather leads! The PSDs are fully layered for easy customization. Enjoy!

eBook Covers

While they say you can't judge a book by its cover, with the right design, you can ensure they open it. Here are some great customizable eBook covers in various colors and styles in PSD. There are 15 designs to choose from that will allow you make something that really stands out!

Watercolor Business Cards

We all know how important business cards are in the design business as it's something everyone needs. So as a designer, it's your job to create a truly professional representation that captures your client's business. We're here to help as we've got 50 business card templates in some amazing watercolors for you that you can customize to your client's tastes. No need to make them from scratch; we've got you covered!

Digital Ad Banners

30 Digital Ad Banners in PSD: fully editable, with groups and named layers. The colors can be easily customized and add your own text. These are great as digital ads on websites; specifically created for sidebars as they have a 350px width. Use these to sell, download, showcase products and more!

Soft Grunge Backgrounds

100 Abstract Soft Grunge Backgrounds: high-quality HD in various colors, from darker to lighter. These are nice, soft grunge textures combined with clean blurred colors. Use as website backgrounds, in banners, in sliders, websites etc.

Autumn Blurred Backgrounds

Some great backgrounds here you can use for corporate designs, in sliders, websites, banners etc. A very nice autumn-inspired color palette. All in high-quality HD (3840x2160px).

Christmas Cards: Realistic & Abstract in Fully-Editable PSD

25 Realistic and Abstract Digital Christmas Cards

We've got some great Christmas cards that are perfect for newsletters, social media and websites. These are all fully editable PSD files with layers and groups for easy use. You'll find they come in various colors and styles: from realistic (with wood textures, real gingerbread cookies or globes) to abstract (with snowflakes, abstract trees and effects) and more! These are perfect for both personal and corporate Christmas cards, being easily personalized with your text. Many come in multiple colors (red, green, blue), with the realistic ones in either light or dark. Enjoy! Don't forget to check out our other holiday content! Christmas Frames in HD: Fully Editable PSDs, Layered & Grouped HD Frosted Backgrounds 50 Abstract Christmas & New Year Backgrounds 500 Ultimate Holiday Vectors

Minimalist UI Kit

Here's a great minimalist UI kit for you in PSD. It features a flat design in monochrome with various buttons, icons, sliders, progress bars, check boxes, and much more! Totally functional and very eye catching as well. Enjoy!

Modern Buttons Set

Here's a great modern buttons set that can be used by both web and app designers. They come in a fully layered and grouped PSD file for easy customization. We also have these in four colors, charcoal, grapefruit, grass & sunflower, but they can be modified with ease too. The buttons come in various styles: from flat, rounded, square, outline, 3D, shadowed and many others! Included: "Download", "Read More", "Buy", "Add to Cart" and many more, but fully customizable too; just change the texts and icons!