50 Photoshop Actions for Portrait and Landscape Photo Editing




  • Number of items: 50 Photoshop Actions
  • Format: .ATN
  • File Size: 4.7 MB


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50 Photoshop Actions for Portrait and Landscape Photo Editing

25_Sharp BW24_Lighten Shadows23_Bubblegum22_Countryside Sun21_Beach Fun20_Glowing Beauty19_Vintage Goldie18_Crazy HDR17_ Happy Hippie16_ Dark Elegance15_ BW Eye Pop14_ Emerald Haze13_ Retro Sun Kissed12_ Soft Belle11_ Carnivale Joy10_ Angel Eyes9_ Makeup Enhancer - ONLY color photos8_Peachy Mist7_Retro Cool - ONLY for black and white photos6_Dusty Pink5_Classy Sepia4_Brighten Up3_Dramatic BW2_Dreamy Eyes1_Bright Teeth25 Golden Cyan24 Warm Sunlight23 Retro Soft22 Obscure Scenery21 Foamy Waves20 Pastel Rainbow19 Paradisiac18 Color Burst17 Surreal Path16 High Contrast Sunset15 Savannah14 Dramatic BW13 Vintage Cabin12 Minty Mountains11 Vanilla Sky10 Flower Fields9 Rocky Mountains8 Angelic Sky7 Pink Love6 Emerald Forest5 Golden Beach4 Sunny Valley3 Cold Winter2 HDR City1 Foggy Morningfeatured-1featured-2


Photoshop actions are one of the most useful features that Adobe Photoshop offers us. With actions you can automate many things that would otherwise take a long time, thus saving you time and allowing you to earn more money. In this set, we have created a total of 50 beautiful, professional and extremely useful Photoshop action for Landscape and Portrait image manipulation. There are a total of 25 Portrait Photoshop Actions and 25 Landscape Photoshop Actions.

Number of items: 50 Photoshop Actions
Format: .ATN
File Size: 4.7 MB

You can preview all of the actions below:

25_Sharp BW

24_Lighten Shadows


22_Countryside Sun

21_Beach Fun

20_Glowing Beauty

19_Vintage Goldie

18_Crazy HDR

17_ Happy Hippie

16_ Dark Elegance

15_ BW Eye Pop

14_ Emerald Haze

13_ Retro Sun Kissed

12_ Soft Belle

11_ Carnivale Joy

10_ Angel Eyes

9_ Makeup Enhancer - ONLY color photos

8_Peachy Mist

7_Retro Cool - ONLY for black and white photos

6_Dusty Pink

5_Classy Sepia

4_Brighten Up

3_Dramatic BW

2_Dreamy Eyes

1_Bright Teeth

25 Golden Cyan

24 Warm Sunlight

23 Retro Soft

22 Obscure Scenery

21 Foamy Waves

20 Pastel Rainbow

19 Paradisiac

18 Color Burst

17 Surreal Path

16 High Contrast Sunset

15 Savannah

14 Dramatic BW

13 Vintage Cabin

12 Minty Mountains

11 Vanilla Sky

10 Flower Fields

9 Rocky Mountains

8 Angelic Sky

7 Pink Love

6 Emerald Forest

5 Golden Beach

4 Sunny Valley

3 Cold Winter

2 HDR City

1 Foggy Morning

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